Beyond 2020 : Where Next for the Government's Digital Strategy?

As a growing number of organisations embrace the benefits digital transformation can deliver – such as improving decision making through data-led insight and driving efficiency through a modernised infrastructure – UK Government cannot afford to be left behind.

The pandemic has given the public sector a glimpse of the role real-time, high-quality data can play in making organisations more agile. It has also exhausted the resources of departments that were already under tremendous pressure. Making it more difficult to focus on how technology can add value and help tackle these challenges.

In this whitepaper, we look at the current state of play in the public sector as well as the changes we have seen since the 2017 Government Digital Strategy. We also explore the systemic shock from COVID, and the role data can play in giving decision-makers access to levels of insight they didn't have access to before. 

Finally, we analyse what the path to transformation can look like and how an accelerated modernisation can ensure all departments embrace a better, more efficient way of working.

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