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Thurs 9th June 2022


6:00pm - 8:00pm 


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17 Marble St,
M2 3AW
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GCP Users

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Scoring Data Goals

GCP Customer Forum - Data Centre Discovery

February Workspace Customer Forum - Co-existence: Google and Microsoft

Forrester Retail Event: Bringing a digital identity to frontline workers

PA Roundtable: How to work smarter with Google Workspace

Workspace Customer Forum - Change Management

Chrome OS Flex for Enterprise & Sustainability Solutioning

Workspace Customer Forum - Sponsorship and Engagement

GCP Customer Forum - Data Security

The Power of Thinking 10x - Google Cloud’s approach to reducing IT operational costs whilst funding innovation

Retail GCP Meet-up

Workspace Customer Forum - Security issues arising from Unmanaged Users

Interoperability across Government Organisations

Workspace Customer Forum - Workspace Champions