Achieve scale, performance and agility

A dedicated team of modernisation experts

Using a combination of tools, top skills and great personalities, our expert team will help you define the most efficient modernisation path for your needs

Speed up modernisation into Google Cloud

Whether you’re worried about ageing infrastructure, or you want to migrate to a fully managed environment, we’ll ensure a seamless experience so your apps can enjoy a new home in Google Cloud

Your way to modern infrastructure deployment

With a CI/CD and GitOps approach, your development teams are free to focus on what they do best instead of having to wait for infrastructure to make it happen

Leading technologies we use

We choose Google Cloud because they offer a secure, powerful, cost-effective and always improving infrastructure. Perfect for businesses looking to future-proof their investment

We use some of their top solutions like Google Kubernetes Engine, VMWare

Engine and Compute Engine to make the magic happen, along with a set of specialist third-party tools like Terraform, Kubernetes and ArgoCD to build the foundation for scale and innovation


How we help you grow

We help your business grow through our tried and tested methodologies

Modernisation Accelerator

If you want to pursue a specific business goal or need to overcome an operational challenge, our Modernisation Accelerator is the way to go.


If you need a hand with an in-house project, we’ll assemble a group of cloud transformation experts to act as an extension of your team and help you speed up your results.

Grow your infrastructure at scale with the right platform to support your ambitions

“Partnering with CTS allows us to focus on what’s really important to us: growth. It allows us to focus on strategic tasks that will continue taking our business forward, while they help us manage our underlying infrastructure.”

Ted van Dongen, CIO at VidaXL


Our regular events and webinars offer fascinating insights to help you accelerate your modernisation.

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