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Achieve scale, performance and agility

Start a Google inspired transformation

Use our expertise to create a Cloud Centre of Excellence, to upskill you on GCP. Further guiding you towards self sufficiency. 

Solutions range from seeking great challenges to solve for, solving a specific business problem or proving a specific concept or technology.

Faster Time to Value

Consider compelling events on the horizon. We can help you not only plan, but propose to migrate you quickly and effectively, in weeks not months

Minimise Migration costs

Reduce operational overheads and ensure your workloads remain optimised using our Managed Services

Leveraging Google’s ‘think big’ program and CTS investments, your migration costs can be minimised and in some circumstances neutral.

Leading technologies we use

Tooling is used to accelerate the discover phase by automating the gathering of workload information to ensure understanding in  how to migrate it. This tool is usually StratoZone - which is owned and provided by Google. StratoZone will automatically create an inventory of your applications and will provide you a ‘cloud fit’ score to help you determine the best path to GCP.


“On-premise infrastructure was hindering our growth. We needed a solution that would give us scalability on demand, world-class performance, high availability and resilience - whilst supporting our vision of becoming a data-driven company.”

Ted van Dongen, CIO at VidaXL


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