Discover the business value and potential cost savings a modernised Google Cloud solution can bring to your business.

We’ll work with you to understand what your existing solution is and how we can help you get more for less by adopting Google Cloud.

Data Modernisation Accelerator

Gain unparalleled insights on your organisation and customers with better data-driven decision making.

We’ll demonstrate how Big Data and Machine Learning can help you get more from your data with this short-term engagement.

VMware on
Google Cloud


Empower your workforce with better applications.

We’ll demonstrate the value of the Google Cloud using your existing applications and virtual machines to improve the efficiency of your entire tech stack without having to re-architect your existing infrastructure.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Get faster releases, greater developer productivity and smarter application development.

Experience the power of industry-leading GitOps CI/CD workflows, infrastructure as code, state-of-the-art logging, metrics and alerting with our GKE Accelerator.

Transformation Workshop Accelerator

Empower your team with the right tools and knowledge to drive a successful and long-lasting business transformation.

With a tailored Transformation Workshop, you will learn how you can improve your processes and transform the way your organisation works to maximise your investment.

"When you compare CTS to other partners Bruntwood has worked with, we like a company to be innovative, bringing on different solutions. CTS do that very well. That’s a huge driver for us.”

Kirk Shaw, Head of IT at Bruntwood


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